Beginner’s Guide to Thrive and Survive at a Music Festival

Attending a music festival for the first time can be one of the most prolific experiences of your life. However, if you’re not prepared it can quickly become horrific. There are several factors to consider when planning, preparing, and packing for a festival. This will be an extensive guide, packed with advice, suggestions, reviews, resources, and other tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t merely survive, that you’ll thrive at a music festival.

Below is a basic outline of the 8 different sections of this guide.  Each section will be explored extensively, and I’ll be releasing them one at a time over the next several weeks.

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The guide is still a work in progress but here are a few sections that have been completed:

Section 1: Selecting a Festival

Section 2: Planning and Coordinating

Section 3: Packing

  1. 7 Categories For Music Festival Packing
  2. Packing and Organization Gear Checklist
  3. Toiletries and First Aid Checklist
  4. Clothing and Accessories Checklist
  5. Festival & Costumes & Outfit Ideas
  6. Outdoor Gear and Accessories Checklist
  7. Camping & Outdoor Gear Checklist
  8. Outdoor Accessories & Entertainment Ideas
  9. DIY Festival Fanny Pack