Hey! I’m Baker Manning.   I’m a deckhand on Bravo’s reality TV show Below Deck, and I’m also the creator of The Yacht Job Handbook, a guide that jump-starts the careers of aspiring yacht crew by equipping them with the tools and resources to land their first job in the yachting industry. This book is intended to give potential crew insight about what it’s really like to work on a yacht, and information and techniques to help increase their chances of getting a job as quickly as possible, and keeping it!


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what is a yachtie?


  1. Working on a yacht is NOT as glamorous as it may seem, it’s actually very hard work.
    • It can be very long, physical work that requires strength and stamina.
    • You may have to take long voyages offshore for several days which can be physically and mentally draining.
    • You will most likely share a tiny cabin with another person and you will have little to no privacy and space.
    • You’ll be cleaning toilets, scrubbing decks, crawling around in tiny spaces, lifting heavy things, dealing with lots of chemicals, and getting wet, and dirty.
  2. Getting a job does NOT happen overnight.
    • It can take weeks and even months of planning, training, and job hunting.
    •  You should be willing to commit to working for at least 6 months to a year.
    • There is high competition for jobs, and not everyone succeeds.
    • You must have the proper training and documents to be eligible to work in most parts of the world.
  3. It is NOT for the weak hearted.
    • You must have thick skin, and work well under stressful and very intense situations. 
    • You must be able to deal with lots of personalities crammed together in very tight living quarters.
    • You must be willing to say goodbye to family and friends for long periods of time.
  4. Getting a job on a yacht is NOT impossible.
    • If you follow the right steps,  work hard, and learn quickly, you have a much better chance at succeeding in the yachting industry.
    • In order to gain a competitive advantage you must educate yourself about the yachting industry, including which seasons and regions are the best to begin your training and look for work.
    • You should network on all of the social media outlets, and market yourself well with a professional CV, cover letter, and / or business cards.
    • You must sign up with the right crew agencies, and make a good impression during interviews.


For those of you who are serious about working on a yacht- this extensive guide will teach you the basics of the yachting industry, and will break down step by step, what you need to do to get a job.


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